Phillips Supply

—“Just a note to let you and your company know just how pleased we are with your services.” “The turn around has been great.” “You always let us know about new products coming on board.” “The products have been top notch, never had a problem with the quality.  You have been great with keeping in touch. Some companies that we use to deal with I never heard from them but maybe once a year. 
—Steve , Phillips Supply

Account Executive for Nationwide Distributor

—“Yesterday I spent the day at the YMCA Trout Lodge. At 7:00am we put the GONE in rooms 101,102,218 and 3201. At 11:30am, we went into the rooms and turned on the air conditioning and went to lunch. At 1:00pm we went into the rooms and the musty odor smell was gone. This product did everything you said it would do. In fact before I left, the housekeeping supervisor got on the radio and told my contact that room 103 was really bad. I put a unit in there and told Kelly at 6:00pm to go into the room and turn the air on and come back at 7:00pm. She loved it and is ready to buy.”
—  Account Executive for large Nationwide Distributor

David's Bistro

—“I have been in business almost 20 years and have tried numerous odor eliminators on the market and have had no success until this particular product GONE was introduced to me. I have had issues with smoke and cooking grease clinging to my ceiling tiles, carpet and curtains. I used the GONE product as specified and was pleasantly surprised to come into my facility and enjoy a crisp clean scent. It did not smell like anything but fresh air. There were no harsh lemon or bleach scents along with any residue buildup of any kind. In just one use the smoke and grease fumes that occur daily in my establishment were eliminated. Thank you for introducing this product to me.”
—CEO, David's Bistro

EVS Operations Manager

“I did try Green Klean GONE, the product worked great and the odor is gone!  This is a restroom that after repeated cleaning, grout cleaning and floor scrubbed the odor would still be present. I am happy to report I have an odor free clean restroom”  

   EVS Operations Manager for a large Hospital in Tucson AZ