HyKo Supply

—“Green Klean is a great overall company to work with.  Customer Service, Shipping, Quality, and Price are all top notch.”   
—John, HyKo Supply

Affordable Suites

“I had a room that smelled very bad. The person that had been in the room cooked with a lot of spices and we could not get the smell out. I tried Green Klean GONE and when I went to see the room I was pleasantly surprised. The room had a slight bleach smell- but after leaving the door open for a minute or two, that smell disappeared. There is no longer the spice smell when you go in the room.”
Resident Manager, Affordable Suites of America 


—“As the largest independent supplier of onsite service and repair parts for floor cleaning equipment in the United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico, we supply to some of the largest BSC's and maintenance groups in the Industry.  They demand quality, competitive pricing, and service.  When it comes to replacement vacuum bags and filters, Green Klean was chosen, and has lived up to the test."